About RoyaltyFreeMusic.uk.com

RoyaltyFreeMusic.uk.com is a sister company of Media Music Now and was started in order to supply clients with an alternative to buying individual music tracks as sold on Media Music Now.

As the music on Media Music Now comprises of thousands of tracks by many artists it made sense to create a royalty free music collections site on a separate website and that is how RoyaltyFreeMusic.uk.com came about.

We have many collections that have been compiled in order to offer a more cost effective solution for media developers who want to build a stock of music. Each of the collections offers a number of tracks and versions within the price which makes for a really good deal.

Users who are looking for a wider range of music, sold as individual tracks and versions are encourage to visit our sister company at MediaMusicNow.co.uk (established since 2005).

Media Music Now also offer a range of voice over services and audio production for a variety of media uses.