Royalty Free Cinematic Music

Royalty free cinematic music collections featuring strong cinematic themes perfect for movie and game trailers, commercials and any other production that needs a cinematic, film score feel.

Cinematic Themes collections

Cinematic Themes Collection 1

Includes 14 cinematic themed full length tracks with additional edits (30/60 secs, stingers and loops if available). Strong, dramatic royalty free cinematic music.

Cinematic Themes Collection 2

Grand, orchestral cinematic royalty free music. This cinematic themed collection contains 15 full length tracks with versions (30/60 secs, stingers and loops if available).

Hero Themes Collection 1

Heroic, epic and climactic royalty free music. This cinematic hero themed collection contains 10 main tracks with various versions (no choir, percussion only and 30/60 secs if available).

Emotional, Reflective and Touching Themes

Emotional Underscores Collection 1

17 emotional and touching music tracks with 30/60 sec edits and loops if available. Reflective, moving and delicate film music great for drama and personal stories.

Emotional Underscores Collection 2

17 emotional royalty free music tracks (with various edits and loops if available). These poignant and reflective tracks are perfect for drama and story telling.

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